Risk Communication

People are bad at understanding risk, especially future risk. This makes communicating preparedness messages particularly difficult. When people don’t take time to receive and understand messages – regardless of the medium – it can be particularly challenging to help them make good decisions about their safety and the overall safety of their community. We work with local leaders and community impact organizations so they can effectively communicate with residents ensuring that everyone is empowered to make informed decisions about their safety.

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We're here to help communities prepare for the challenges of climate change.

Approaching resilience & recovery from a different perspective

We use evidence-based approaches that have been successful in the private and nonprofit sectors to help communities sustain long-term recovery initiatives and result in improved resilience to natural disasters.

Transformational Change

Approach resilience or recovery initiatives as a transformational change project to ensure success.

Agile Organization Design

Respond to rapidly changing situations and effectively manage unknown unknowns.