Public Relations

Whether your organization is in “grey skies” mode and actively recovering from a disaster, or you are proactively undertaking a preparedness or resilience-building initiative during “blue skies,” we can help you develop and implement a public relations plan.

Grey Skies Public Relations

While it’s never been easier to find help, survivors in the aftermath of a disaster can be overwhelmed with information and shut down because they have to make sense of too many options. We help community impact organizations cut through the noise and reach those in need through various public relations tactics.

Blue Skies Public Relations

Whether your organization is working to build awareness before a disaster event or you’re undertaking an initiative to build community resilience, a proactive public relations campaign can help reach supporters, engage stakeholders, broaden your coalition, and find new donors.

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We're here to help communities prepare for the challenges of climate change.

Approaching resilience & recovery from a different perspective

We use evidence-based approaches that have been successful in the private and nonprofit sectors to help communities sustain long-term recovery initiatives and result in improved resilience to natural disasters.

Transformational Change

Approach resilience or recovery initiatives as a transformational change project to ensure success.

Agile Organization Design

Respond to rapidly changing situations and effectively manage unknown unknowns.